Archive | July 2012

I have a blog

I started a blog… it’s true.  I “started” it nearly five months ago. Five months and the only post was the familiar “Hello World!” from WordPress.

Today I am blowing the dust off…

When I was in college, I blogged tons (which is miraculously still in cyber sphere, although it hasn’t been updated since 2008). Funny how I just now thought to search for it but for years it was what I did, therapy that got me through college.  Wow… to remember where I was four years ago, realizing I was dealing with the “should I date him” question who turned out to be my husband.  It is good to look back, to read, and to see how we grow.  Somehow though, as an adult I find it more difficult to write about things.

Sure, I’d like to say that it’s because I am so “busy” that I have things to do, but writing it therapeutic.  It’s nice to look back and see where you once were and how far you’ve come.  To see what you struggled with and how you pulled through, how you changed or how you grew because of circumstances.  Somehow though, this time is different.  Is it because I’m an adult, I realize the finality of words?  I don’t believe so.

This time it’s because I feel vulnerable.

You see, any time before, I’ve blogged my raw emotions, sharing with only friends and expressing my thoughts and opinions, always recognizing not everyone shares the same opinions.  This time however, I realize how I am consciously opening myself up, with an intent to challenge myself and share my raw feelings.  I’m doing it for more than just myself, for my personal release and ways for friends to keep in touch.  This time, I feel a calling to challenge myself, my faith and to be transparent.  To share all my hurdles, my triumphs, peaks and valleys.

Yes, I’ve had a blog for five months, but today begins the journey.  I will no longer be controlled by fear.  I don’t know many answers, I am hoping this will help to keep me accountable.  There will be joys and sorrows, same as life.  This time however, I will share my faith and my voice will be heard.  Many large and great things are on the horizon for me and my family.  Would you like the share the journey with me?