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Planting a Mustard Seed

Millett Field by Stoonn


I came across Holley Gerth one lonely day while looking for a Christian blogging community… That faithful day I  stumbled across (in)courage (and I HIGHLY recommend the community!) and connected immediately with the words on my computer screen and the way in which Holley writes, like I am sitting in the room with her, just as a friend would do over a cup of coffee.  Reading what she writes is always inspiring, short little blurbs to kick-start my day or bring enjoyment to my lunch-hour.  So when Holley announced her Do What You Can Plan in conjunction with my previous writing, I was on board!

See… I have a problem.  I like to dream but have a hard time actually setting goals or putting the words on paper because dreaming is enjoyable, but having to be held accountable…? That’s like another job!  See, if I never write it down, or commit it to God, then I’m not really letting anyone down when I don’t accomplish it, or follow through with best laid plans.

So I’m starting on this journey and what I’m learning is so simple it’s one of those shoulld’ve-known-it wished-I’d-thought-of-it things.

God doesn’t care about the size of our dreams.

Did you catch that?  Nope… he’s not concerned it the least.  All he cares about it our heart and the process. Holley actually gave me permission to be less-lofty with my goals to accomplish not only my goal, but experience God in the process. See… God tells us multiple times that all we need is faith as small as a mustard seed to accomplish great things. So tonight, I am planting my mustard seed and sharing my most important {God Sized} Dream.

……I want to love better.

Yes, it sounds simple, but I struggle.  I feel like if I can get this one down, so many other things in my life can be accomplished.  If I love better, I will be able to feel more at peace when people don’t treat me the way I’d like or love me the way I wish they would.  I would be a better wife and hopefully my husband will love me deeper. Oh sure, there’s others I’d like to work on (such as getting the youth group involved in some community projects, starting that Bible study for the 8th graders at church, working on my business and making 2013 the year we reach some of our goals, working out, etc.), and others I have written in my journal and am working towards, but this one I feel the most pressing matter to share with others and to work towards.  If I can get this one down small step by small step, I will grow closer to God, become more accepting of others, be willing to take more risks with greater rewards and lose the fear of life.  I really feel that if I can love, so many of the other dreams can be reached… when I focus on loving others I’m sure God will give me the energy, but my Fear is rejection, pain, hurt…

How about you?  What’s your {God-Sized} Dream?

Dream God-sized Dreams

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